001Getxo moda celebrated its silver anniversary. The 25th edition of the exhibition had numerous attractions which revamped the Basque Country fashion sector.

The San Joseren palace hosted the event which was attended by over 1,000 people. The show was broadcast totally live at the website


Roberto Torretta, the guest prestige designer, presented a collection inspired by Berlin fashion in the 1940’s and after his parade he received well-deserved praise for his prominent ascent.

The 25th anniversary of GetxoModa was celebrated with great pomp and circumstance. The aim was to put in the spotlight those companies and commerce which take part in Getxo, as this exhibition is being staged for them.

To this end, on October 15th theatre actors and actresses from Getxo ran through the streets of Bilbao providing street performances, simulating parades in the street and at the establishments of each of the 15 businesses taking part in the exhibition.

The 20th and 21st were the dates chosen for the parade. The San Joseren palace was the incomparable setting which was the backdrop for said event. Over 1,000 people went to the palace to see its shows. Besides those attending, many other people were able to watch the parade from their own homes as the performance could be followed live at



Wednesday October 20th commenced the exhibition New Designers’ Fashion Show at which 10 creators – pre-selected at the 7th edition of the new designers’ competition – put forward their proposals. The jury chose Maria Ortega as the winner of the exhibition, a designer from Àlava. She will enjoy six months training with the company J+G as well as the presentation of a new collection from the Basque Design Fashion Show at the 26th edition of GetxoModa 2011.

After the presentation of the new talents, the acclaimed signatures from the world of fashion in the Basque Country were shown: Alicia Rueda, Ian Mosh, Jota+G, La Luna de Pixka, Marta Terán and Mercedes de Miguel showed their latest creations along with Kriss Ariana and Lourdes Jiménez, the winners of the 6th New Designers’ Competition 2009.