1Ian Mosh is opening today in Donosti its fourth exclusive store in Spain

The fashion company Ian Mosh is today opening up the doors of its new establishment in Donosti, at the central Calle Getaria número 10, on the corner with Arrasate in the centre, in the heart of the commercial area of the city. It is a new concept in the world of Ian Mosh spread over two storeys, one of which has been designed as a large shop window, whilst the other is for exhibition. This new store has thus become the largest of all those opened up to now by the company. Ian Mosh has five exclusive establishments, four in Spain and one in France.


This private space, which recreates the world of Ian Mosh, has been created with a minimalist design. It is a new concept for the store-boutique-shop window which links the black and copper tones of its walls with a natural recreation of branches, stones and wood which give 2pequedonostiexpression to the specificambiance of its creations inspired by nature and the purest forests.
Ian Mosh has opened its new store to bring the autumn-winter collection closer to all its clients from Donostia and it is putting forward natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool and mohair which are taking special prominence. The world of Ian Mosh keeps its feet firmly on the ground where the dreams, hope and imagination of its creator Olatz Iruarrizaga are devised.

This establishment puts at the disposal of all its clients a new shopping concept teeming with display cases with its own personality and aimed at women of any age and from anywhere in the world, intimate, poetic and full of life, where fables blend with a deeply modern soul. Hence, they express, in detailed fashion, the values of the designer when creating each garment “when I create a collection, I am reflecting myself”, summarises Olatz Iruarrizaga. All the magic of Ian Mosh accrues to the glamorous atmosphere of a boulevard where the Kutxa Building shares the limelight.

Immersed in an intense romanticism the collections of Ian Mosh are displayed in a perfect blend where natural tones and the bright and breezy explosion of colour live side by side in harmony. Ian Mosh represents the perfect balance between two apparently different worlds, giving expression to the two women who live inside each of us; the serene and becalming and the impetuous and passionate.


It is just as the designer herself defines “very Ian Mosh”, toasted colours, greens and pinks.  Cottons and wools where stripes, checks, flowers and plain combine to provide that feeling of freedom which “Ian Mosh” reflects.

5pequedonostiAPRÈS LA PLUIE (after the rain)   WINTER COLLECTION

Après la pluie (after the rain) is a collection you can wear any time and on any occasion.


This knitwear collection is intended to endow Ian Mosh “with the same spirit” in all its garments as they are totally coordinated in said philosophy used in the combination of the fabrics.


Ian Mosh and the stones of the world is a collection of volcanic, stoner and copper red coral necklaces. On the back of all the accessories you can read the words “love and magic”, a phrase which is highly identified with the whole Ian Mosh concept.