With his needle Ian Mosh brings together the murmur of the stones when caressed by the water, the crackling of the light when falling upon trees and the energy and love of the hundred-year old forests which gave rise to its muses (today, our ian mosh women).
The land, the sea, the sky and nature, a hotch-potch of greens, whites and flowers of a thousand faces, come to life amongst patterns, fabrics and threads.

Ian Mosh’s garments allow us to make time stop and come closer to ourselves, to reach the essence of every soul and let out a smile.
Immersed in a pure romanticism, Ian Mosh’s collections are displayed in a perfect miscellany where the natural tones and the bright and breezy explosion of colour live side by side in harmony. Ian Mosh represents beauty in its purest form


Ian Mosh presents each of its garments as unique works of art where BEAUTY, GOODNESS, LOVE, MAGIC and TRUTH come to life collection after collection, garment after garment, thanks to a unique creative, inspiring process.


The raw materials used by ian mosh, like cotton, silk, wool and mohair, merged with its universal values (beauty, goodness..) make its garments unique works of art which are simply timeless.


Since its creation over 20 years ago, IAN MOSH has remained true to its essence. Its garments are pieces which have soul, light and magic. That’s why it has stayed on the market and is continuously requested by those women who understand, whose feelings go beyond the norms.

Accessories of any nature adorn its poetic garments, bags containing impossible dreams, shawls which give solace to the soul and headscarves which bind secrets, come together in perfect harmony with the flowers, stripes and circles which are depicted by its designs.

The natural tones, the bright and breezy explosion of colour possessed by its garments and a serene gaze at the interior world of its creator, make Ian Mosh one of the brands with the most personality in Spain, always loyal to its identity and its special look. In its soul and needle fabled woods thus merge with the flowing of river and stones teeming with life..



PROXIMITY: The women attracted by IAN MOSH have radiance, strength, beauty and a noble soul and character. They are romantic and personal, using the streets of any city in the world as a catwalk
COMMITMENT: Each of our garments is designed as a unique work of art. Our commitment is to keep creating beauty, bringing it to every nook and cranny of the world to keep creating illusions.
FUTURE: We aim to reach an increasing number of people to give them a piece of the most beautiful part of our souls.


Ian Mosh’s for natural fabrics is transmitted in his defence of the traditional carding method and the treatment of virgin wool.
A technique which can be applied to the rest of the fabrics where garments flow in spring, summer, autumn and winter which, like  a second skin, seek to dress the person and her interior world.

Vaporous dresses, skirts, trousers, T-shirts, tops, shawls and overcoats are adapted to those who decide to be part of the Ian Mosh world, like a flag of freedom.


Every season its collections can be found in the most prominent professional shows in national and international fashion.

Ian Mosh currently distributes its collections in numerous countries such as Spain, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England,  United States, Japan, Kuwait  and Saudi Arabia, Japan and Greece.